Why we do what we do.

Our mission

Care Oncology has a mission. Our mission is to act in our patients’ best interests, by helping them to live longer and healthier lives, and to do so without fear. People with cancer are hurting and fearful and in pain. We know and understand this. We bring a humility, a humanity and a willingness to learn to our work as we believe that nobody should be left behind and denied care.

The world of cancer research is often focused on the “moonshot” – the search for a cure, which is invariably hugely expensive. We believe that at the same time, we should be looking for “groundshots” too – doing whatever we can, with what we have, where we are now.

Our clinical study

We have committed to gathering the data on the outcomes achieved by our patients in our real-world clinical setting, and publishing that in peer-reviewed journals. It took a huge amount of work to design a new study called an “Interventional Service Evaluation” and to obtain regulatory and ethical approval in the UK.

Join Our Mission

Join us. Be a part of this mission. Stay with us and allow us to do our job which is to keep you safe and also to learn from you, so that others might benefit too.

From our many years of speaking with patients and getting to know them personally, we know that they all want to make things better for others in the future – everybody wants to see cancer defeated. To everyone we treat, we say the same thing:

We have fought for many years to change the paradigm of cancer treatment, to combine the best of the old and the new, to use groundshots while we wait for the moonshots, and not to leave millions of people behind.

Join us. Stay with us.