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Care Oncology announces its first publication in a peer-reviewed journal

Care Oncology is pleased to announce the publication of its preliminary results in treating patients suffering from glioblastoma. Using a combination of medicines which are thought to/may/…collectively target cancer metabolism, the Care Oncology protocol is used as an adjunctive treatment alongside patients’ standard of care (SoC) cancer therapies. The treatment was administered by experienced doctors with specific training in the use of these medicines in an oncology setting concurrent with the SoC that patients were receiving at any point in time.

The data was analyzed by an independent auditing company (Cytel Inc.). Survival outcomes from a group of 95 patients were compared to results from Public Health England database. Furthermore, Care Oncology’s approach of using old drugs which are known to be safe was validated, as side-effects were generally manageable. 

Care Oncology is an evidence-driven organization, and therefore the first peer-reviewed publication from the clinic in the UK focuses on how reliable evidence can be obtained from a real-world setting and combined with evidence from other sources to better understand causality, safety and efficacy.
The underlying mechanism of action of the Care Oncology treatment protocol targets a metabolic derangement which is a recognized hallmark of all cancer types. The clinic treats many other types of cancer and plans to collate data on its outcomes in ovarian, breast and pancreatic cancer, as well as other cancer types. 

The open-access publication in Frontiers in Pharmacology can be found here (link).

*COC Protocol Patients Live Twice as Long as Those Who Receive Standard-Of-Care Alone

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Glioblastoma Testimonial – After 12 Months “no evidence of recurrence” – COC Protocol

K.W.’s quality of life has continued to improve since the initial surgery and radiation, reporting she feels stronger and stronger as the months pass. Last winter she was able to resume teaching ski lessons and playing hockey on her local team. Her latest MRI scan, performed on May 29th, shows no evidence of recurrence. One-year post diagnosis and she remains disease free!  Read Her Story

See long term Glioblastoma survivors in the news who use the COC Protocol:
COC Cancer Treatment Protocol GlioblastomaA clinical trial performed in the U.K., comprised of a 95-patient cohort, resulted in a median overall survival of 27 months when the COC Protocol was used in addition to standard-of-care. Compared to median overall survival of 15.6 months¹ and 14.8 months² with standard-of-care alone.


The COC Protocol is an adjunctive cancer therapy comprised of a combination of lifestyle changes and medications tailored to each patient based on their medical history. Research has demonstrated significant “off-target”, anti-cancer activity of the medications individually. For example, one medication in the protocol is a drug often prescribed for people with type 2 diabetes. Many studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer activity of this drug across most types of cancer.


COC Protocol Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Treatment ResultsMostly due to financial reasons. The medications comprising the COC Protocol are “off-patent”, therefore, pharmaceutical companies are unable to re-coup the cost necessary to win approval for a new indication. Putting these well-researched medications to use for cancer immediately presents much needed therapies to cancer patients with minimal side-effects. The COC protocol was conceived to finally realize the potential of these medicines in a thoughtful, responsible, and ethical manner. Starting in London in 2013, The COC Protocol has been safely administered to over 1400 patients by trained providers through a carefully monitored program.


The use of existing medications has several advantages, the most important being safety: Decades of clinical experience have documented the safety-profile, side-effects, and drug-drug interactions of the individual medications in the COC Protocol.


It is well-accepted that complex diseases like cancer respond better to combination therapies. The medications in the COC Protocol synergistically target cancer cells through a multitude of well-established mechanisms. In general, cancer cell’s pathological multiplication is the result of two processes: First, a breakdown of the normal signaling pathways that regulate cellular division. And second, unregulated energy metabolism that fuels the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. The COC Protocol uniquely targets both processes. By starving cancer cells of energy substrates, the COC Protocol reduces the capacity of cancer cells to defend themselves against chemotherapy and radiation. The COC protocol also acts on the many dysregulated signaling pathways within cancer cells helping to enable a process called apoptosis, or “programmed cell death,” allowing chemotherapy and radiation to kill cancer cells more effectively. Finally, medications in the COC Protocol have been shown to operate by stimulating the immune system to fight your cancer by activating an important class of immune cells called Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes.


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