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A Six Month Program

Today, in addition to offering our original COC Protocol, which targets cancer metabolism through pharmaceutical management; our program has evolved to provide lifestyle recommendations to optimize your metabolic and inflammatory health. This six month program provides guidance around nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and stress management, all of which play a key role in keeping you healthy.

The COC Protocol


A six month comprehensive therapeutic program to help improve your cancer outcome​.

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Comprehensive health evaluation
(records review, Health History,
​Advanced Biomarker Blood Tests)

Expert Guidance from Metabolic Oncologists
Dynamic Health Report with Actionable Results You Can Measure
Prescriptions for medications and supplements ​tailored to your health profile
Clinical Support

Quarterly Reviews

The importance of your quarterly review is to continually track and measure your biomarkers and other health indicators. We evaluate these via blood tests (biomarkers) and questionnaires, enabling us to tailor your treatment based on your personalized scores.
Quarterly Review


After your six month program you can pay for quarterly
​ follow-ups as you go.

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Updated Health Evaluation​
Follow-up with Metabolic Oncologists
Ongoing access to your dynamic digital health platform to measure your progress
Prescriptions for medications and supplements tailored to your health profile

Clinical Support

​We do not accept insurance nor do we participate in Medicare or Medicaid. However, patients can request a superbill to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. Your reimbursement may vary based on your insurance coverage, co-pay and deductible, and network status.