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The COC Protocol is a Physician Supervised Treatment Regimen Developed for Patients with Cancer

The COC Protocol is an individualized therapeutic approach which seeks to simultaneously target multiple cancer pathways. The COC Protocol may be considered in patients with cancer alongside conventional cancer treatments.

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Our scientists and doctors have developed a protocol intended to help lower the overall metabolic rate of cancer cells

Metabolism is the conversion of food to energy to run cellular processes and construct cellular building blocks. It is widely accepted that the metabolism of cancer cells is usually fundamentally different to that of healthy non-cancerous cells. Altered metabolism is now considered a hallmark of cancer and a new discipline of “metabolic oncology” has emerged. (Hanahan and Weinberg, 2000Hanahan and Weinberg 2011Bergers and Fendt, 2021).

Cancer cells need large amounts of energy to survive and grow. They commonly use an adaptive process called aerobic glycolysis (the ‘Warburg effect’) to generate the excessive energy they need (Kroemer and Pouyssegur, 2008Liberti and Locasale, 2016). The COC Protocol aims to target various molecular processes involved in and surrounding aerobic glycolysis and cancer metabolism. It aims to restrict cancer cell energy supply and use, while simultaneously preventing the cells from adapting and using other pathways to take up energy.

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How The COC Protocol Works

Review of peer-reviewed literature suggests that each individual element of the COC Protocol may target cancer cell metabolism in a distinct and potentially complementary way, and we have termed this action ‘mechanistic coherence’. Put simply, mechanistic coherence describes the possibility of attacking a cancer cell from different angles in what may be a synergistic or additive fashion. This type of combination approach in cancer is discussed by Mokhtari et al, 2017, and others. To the right is a graphic of our our multiprong approach which highlights the potential of certain treatments to target the energy requirements of cancer cells.

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Care Oncology has been treating patients since 2013. Our oncologists are experienced in working with many patients with different types of cancer and alongside many standard-of-care regimens.

The Care Oncology Clinic designed the COC Protocol to complement and enhance standard-of-care therapy.
Our 5-year study has shown that our adjunctive program may enhance the overall effect of conventional cancer treatment.