Our scientists and doctors have developed a peer-reviewed protocol intended to help lower the overall metabolic rate of cancer cells

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NEW Metabolic Protocol for various types of cancer

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Scientists have spent over a decade working on the best protocols to target the metabolic pathways of cancer that work in harmony with standard care cancer treatments. This involved experiments in the laboratory as well as research of medicines looking at the way they work, their safety profile, and whether they have shown significant benefit in people with cancer or as a preventative to cancer.

Will the COC Protocol help me?

The COC Protocol was developed by scientists for patients with cancer. This is a multiprong approach, supported by peer-reviewed studies around the efficacy of certain treatments to benefit patients with any stage or cancer type.

Care Oncology has been treating patients since 2013. Our oncologists are experienced in working with many patients with different types of cancer, and alongside many standard-of-care regimens. Please get in touch with the clinic to discuss your individual situation further.

How it works:

Diagram of cell breaking down each part's capabilities

The Care Oncology Clinic designed the COC Protocol to complement and enhance standard-of-care therapy.

Our 5-year study has shown that our adjunctive program may enhance the overall effect of conventional cancer treatment.

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