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COC Protocol Quick Start

Please answer the questions below to schedule and expedite your Initial Consultation and COC Medications:

Care Oncology – Schedule and Expedite Initial Consultation and COC Medications

Many of our patients have requested to bypass the case manager call and proceed with scheduling with a COC Oncologist to more quickly receive the COC Protocol.  Many of these patients have been referred by their oncologist, have read the many books that recommend Care Oncology or have done their research and made a decision to move forward.  If you are ready to move forward, please proceed below.  At any time, you can select to meet with a case manager with further questions.

The benefit to scheduling your call today:

  • Receive faster and preferential booking
  • Receive your COC medications more quickly
  • Patients are scheduled to meet with their COC Oncologist in order of receipt

Payment for your Initial Consultation includes the time with a licensed Care Oncology Oncologist as well as 3 months Oncology Nurse Support.

Pay for your Initial Consultation with a Care Oncology Oncologist by following the process below. A case manager will contact you to finalize the soonest available time with a Care Oncology Oncologist.

For more information about our doctors, visit their descriptions on our team page.

Our Team

Dr. Meakin
Dr. Zhang
Dr. Mendez
Dr. Tan-Shalaby
Dr. Dudley

Prior to your initial consultation our records department will be available to assist you in providing the following medical records:

  1. Pathology Report
  2. Blood Work – CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  3. Blood Work – CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel)
  4. Radiology Report – Recent Scans and Reports (if available)
  5. List of current medications and supplements