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Charles J. Meakin, MD, MHA

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Residency: Stanford University Hospital

I believe this dynamic company is helping shape the fourth field of cancer care, Metabolic Oncology.  After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in economics and pre-medicine, I enrolled at the University of Cincinnati Medical College. It was in medical school where I felt compelled to work with severe medical conditions where the body, mind and spirit interacts to impact the outcome. After completing my residency in radiation oncology at Stanford University Hospital, I continued to enroll in educational programs on hypnosis, nutrition, eastern philosophy, and more.

I started the practice of oncology in 1989, and the 31 years have flown by quickly.   As a physician and Assistant Medical Director at Care Oncology, my goals were always to bring more holistic adjuvants to the standard care and assess their input on outcomes.  These things varied from simple balance training programs, nutrition strategies, supplements additive, portable 02, exercise bands, sleep hacks, and more. All these interventions had four things in common; their purpose was to improve treatment outcomes, they helped other health conditions, they were inexpensive and safe, and they were easy to access.  

When I am not seeing a virtual consult, I enjoy all things in nature.  My wife Lindsay and I love to hike the North Carolina Mountains trails near our home, stand up paddle boards on nearby lakes and rivers, and come winter heading to Montana to ski and snowboard with our two kids and friends.  Most of my charity work aims to get people outdoors, preserve nature, cancer services, and inspire human potential.  

6/19 to Present-Assistant Medical Director of, A metabolic Oncology virtual service platform startup in the U.S. 

1/ Charity Health and Wellness Coaching Hub and Resource

10/94 – 12/18 Medical Director of Radiation Oncology Center at CaroMont Cancer Center, Gaston, Gastonia, NC

9/91 – 7/94 Private Practice Radiation Oncologist, Santa Rosa, CA

9/91 – 6/94 Concurrent with above

Developed an out-patient cancer center with a seven-member Medical Oncology Group at Santa Memorial Hospital. Opened 6/95

8/89-9/91 Radiation Oncologist at The Christ Hospital in Private Practice Cincinnati, Ohio

8/89 – 9/91 Concurrent with above

Paid member of the Clinical Faculty of the University of Cincinnati Radiation Oncology Residency with full-time resident and part-time teaching commitments


Undergraduate/Bachelor of Science

1981  University of Notre Dame; South Bend Indiana  – B.A. Economics/Pre-Med

Medical School

1985 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; Cincinnati, Ohio – M.D.

Postgraduate & Post Doctorate Training

1985-1986 Medical Internship at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio

1986-1989 Radiation Oncology Resident at Stanford University Hospital; Stanford California

      • One Month Rotation – Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital
      • One Month Rotation – Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, C

1993-1994 St. Mary’s College of Moraga, Moraga, CA; Master’s in Health & Administration-MHA

2016-2017   Bulletproof Coach Training Program completed with Certificate

2019-2020 Notre Dame ESTEEM Program on-site Masters in Entrepreneurial Science-MS awarded

Professional Associations

  • Professional Society Memberships
  • 1986-2019   America Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology
  • 1990     Board Certified in Radiation Oncology through The American College of Radiology
  • 1994 – 2010 American College of Radiology, North Carolina Medical Society
  • 1998-2003 and  Gaston Hospice Board, 2003 President
  • 2013-Present
  • 2005-2007   Gaston County Medical School President
  • Service and Committees
  • 1993-1994   Head of Young Physician Group of Sonoma County Medical, Association for Northern California Regional District
  • 1993-1994   Alternate Delegate to The California Medical Association for Northern California Regional District
  • 1995-2002   Gaston Cancer Society Board Member
  • 1995-2003   Hospice Professional Board
  • 2003-2010 Executive Board Member U.S. National Whitewater, Center Currently Secretary
  • 2003-2012   Board Member Catawba Lands Conservancy
  • 2000-2020   Gastonia Parks and Recreation Board
  • 2004-2012   Gaston County Community Foundation Board
  • 2005-2007   President Gaston County Medical Society
  • 2013-Present     CaroMont Health Board of Directors


Honors & Awards

  • 1981     Mayfield Neurologic Institute Fellowship Award for Research Presentation
  • 1983     Finished 1st in The Neuroscience Division at The Midwest Medical Student Research Forum at Michigan State University
  • 1988     Presented Review of Stanford Hodgkin’s Disease Protocol Results at American Society of Radiation Oncologist Meeting in New Orleans, LA
  • 2005 CaroMont Hospital Spiritual Care award to a physician who demonstrated holistic patient care


Research & Publications


  • 1981     Summer Student Internship at The Mayfield Neurologic Institute
  • 1981-1982   Part-time Clinical Research Department of Internal Medicine and Orthopedics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • 1985-1986   Part-time Photodynamic Therapy Research at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1987-1989   Clinical Research Reviewing Stanford Hodgkin’s Disease Trails
  • 1989-1991   Principal Investigator of the Radiation Clinical Research Trial Through The Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1989-1994   Clinical Investigator for The Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) in Cincinnati, OH and then in Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1990-1991 Principal Investigator for The National Prostate Detection Project at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH
  • 1994-2019 Member of regional protocol association through the hospital for access to national clinical trials including RTOG, SWOG, NSABP
  • 2020     Presented Abstract Poster at the Metabolic Health Summit, Long Beach


  • October 1983 Meakin, C.J., and Keller, J. Pathways of Vascular Headache: Identification of the Sensory Neurons Innervating the Arteries of the Anterior Cerebral Circulation the Cat. Journal of Clinical Research, Vol. 31, Number 4
  • 1984 Steiger, H.J., and Meakin, C.J., The Meningeal Representation in the Trigeminal Ganglion, An Experimental Study in the Cat. Headache 24, 305-309
  • 1985     Meakin, C.J., Hobson, C. And First, R, Avascular (Aseptic) Necrosis of Bone Following Renal Transplantation, International Journal of Artificial Organs, Vol 8, Number 1, pp. 19-20
  • 1991     Carlson, R.W., Sikic, B.I., Gandara, D.R., Hendrickson, C.G, …Meakin, C.J., McWhirter, K.M., Late Consolidative Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Limited-Stage Small Cell Lunch Cancer. Cancer, Sept. 1, 68(5), 948-58

Community Work

  • 2002 Belmont Abbey College – two-term board member and head of student retention committee
  • 2004 Gaston County Community Foundation – two-term board member
  • 2004 Catawba Lands Conservancy, Charlotte, NC – two-term board member (personally conserved 285 acres in Gaston and Lincoln Counties along South Fork River)
  • 2006 U.S. National Whitewater Center, Charlotte, NC – Startup board member and past board Secretary
  • 2006-Present     Member of Gastonia Parks and Recreation Board