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Medical Records

1. Upload Securely Via Link Provided

Upload Your Files

If you have your files saved on your computer you can send them to us securely via a link we provide you

2. Login to Patient Portal (myChart)

Download Files

Download your files through Patient Portal (myChart) then upload via a secure link to us.

3. Care Oncology Will Request Medical Records On Your Behalf

We Can Request Your Records

Care Oncology can contact your healthcare provider on your behalf to obtain necessary medical records.


Information Needed

Patient Full Name

Patient DOB

Name and phone number of treating hospital

MRN# (if available)

  1. Original Pathology
  2. Blood Work
    • Most Recent CBC
    • Most Recent CMP
    • Tumor markers (if available) Oncologist Progress Note
  3. Most Recent Scan Report (if available)
  4. Genomic data
  5. Medications/Supplements List

Care Oncology Contact Info:

Our Fax #: 1 310 943 0403