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Medical Records Detail

Medical Records – Detail – Care Oncology

Following are the records needed for your Care Oncology Oncologist to review prior to your consultation.  Our Oncology Nurse team also reviews your records for subsequent nurse meetings and ongoing support.  The following information is NOT REQUIRED for your initial call with a Care Oncology Case Manager.

  1. Original Pathology – This is from a biopsy or a surgical procedure most likely from around the time of your diagnosis.  If you have other pathology reports, feel free to send those too.
  2. Blood Work
    • Most Recent CBC (Complete Blood Count) – This is the blood work that looks at your red blood and white blood cell counts
    • Most Recent CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel) – This blood work includes items like glucose, creatinine, ALT, AST, Alk Phos, sodium,etc
    • Tumor markers (if available) – Some kinds of cancers use special test to monitor for example a PSA in prostate cancer and a CA 15-3 and CA 27-29 in breast cancer. If your doctor orders these test please send them .
  3. Oncologist Progress Note (if available) – Your oncologist makes notes for every visit which involves some of your cancer history, your treatment and treatment plans.
  4. Most Recent Scan Report (if available) – Different kinds of scans include PET scans, CT scans, MRI scans and at times others, for example bone scans or specialized medical test.
  5. Genomic data (if available) – Genomic testing is of your tumor and/or your blood.  Some common names are Foundation One Testing or Caris testing.  These would be ordered by your oncologist to look at the specifics of your tumor.  Some who are doing more integrative therapies may have Greek Testing done.