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A note to our fellow health-care providers:

Care Oncology was founded to solve some immensely difficult problems which have faced cancer patients all over the world. We have written extensively about our mission and why we do what we do.

As you already know, cancer care is astonishingly expensive – new drugs cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there is so much wasted potential for repurposing drugs that are in the existing pharmacopoeia and which have the potential to help patients. Some of these may have a modest impact while some could potentially be game-changing. What unites them all is that with extremely rare exceptions, these drugs are out of reach of most patients – not because of cost, but because there has been no financial incentive to study and learn how to select, combine and manage them alongside standard of care. 

Care Oncology set out to change that. Years of research into hundreds of molecules, and their mechanism of action – alongside each other and alongside standard of care – led Care Oncology to the core protocol that is foundational to our adjunct metabolic treatment. To protect this work, Care Oncology filed and was granted a patent across the world, which protects Care Oncology’s rights to this method of treatment. The combining of any two, three or four of the core classes of drugs in the Care Oncology protocol to treat or prevent cancer is protected by patents issued in the USA[1], and most other major legal jurisdictions across the world. If you prescribe the Care Oncology protocol, or elements of it, to treat or prevent cancer, then you are likely to be in breach of this patent.

We specialize in providing the core metabolic protocol, and we do not offer other standard of care cancer services – our policy is always to encourage our patients strongly to continue with full standard of care with you, their primary oncology care-giver.

We will always work to develop and improve our knowledge and to ensure that we give the best possible care at the lowest possible price – that is our promise to you and to your patients. We ask you to refer your patients to our affordable, expert service for the best possible care – given adjunctively alongside your standard of care, and we promise to encourage all patients to share full information about their treatment with you.

We invite you to read some of the scientific and clinical information on this website, and to reach out to us if you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions. We are expanding continuously and are recruiting board-certified oncologists and registered nurses to work with us – generally on a part-time basis, with services delivered via our telemedicine platform. Please contact our US Medical Director, Dr Charles J Meakin, if you would like to learn more. (drmeakin@careoncology.com)

[1] “COC Protocol” and “Care Oncology” and the “flame” icon are registered trademarks by Care Oncology LLC. COC Protocol is protected by United States patent US9622982B2 and by various additional international patents.