Rebecca Gardella, RN

I am a chemotherapy, biotherapy certified registered nurse, licensed in the state of Ohio. I have 17 years current experience in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody, hematology and other related infusion administration and monitoring. I have 2 years current experience in Radiation patient care, assessing, evaluating and teaching.


17 years in the Oncology, Hematology and Infusion Center

5 years Outpatient Services, Endoscopy and Ambulatory Surgery

2 years House Supervisor

5 years Skilled Nursing including Hospice and Respite care


1991 Graduate from St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center School of Nursing

Chemotherapy, Biotherapy certification from ONS

Current certification in ACLS and CPR


I’m an articulate, knowledgeable nurse, confident in the care I give my patients from the minute they arrive in my department until the time they leave. My duties include assessing patients physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually prior to medication administration and throughout treatment. I administer medications and monitor patients for side effects or reactions and manage as needed. I’m involved in the safety checks prior to ordering the meds on patients and am responsible for keeping the staff in my department current in safe chemo administration competencies. I monitor them daily and evaluate them yearly for this. I am a preceptor and orient new nurses to the department. I also provide clinical experience to R.N. Students as a preceptor. I teach the Oncology Chemotherapy Class to new chemo patients and use every opportunity throughout their visit to teach  them to better care for themselves. I review preventative care with them and how recognize and manage side effects. I encourage them to be an active partner in their own care.