The COC Protocol is a Physician Supervised Treatment Regimen Developed for Patients With Cancer

The COC Protocol is an individualized therapeutic approach which seeks to simultaneously target multiple cancer pathways.  The COC Protocol may be considered in patients with cancer alongside conventional cancer treatments.


The COC Protocol Targets Cancer Cell Metabolism Via a Multi Pronged Approach

Multiple studies have shown the the efficiency of a person’s metabolism may be an important factor in their cancer outcome. In fact, Altered metabolism is now considered a hallmark of cancer and a new discipline of “metabolic oncology” has emerged. The COC Protocol highlights the potential of certain treatments to target the energy requirements of cancer cells. Peer-reviewed literature suggests that each individual element of the COC Protocol may target cancer cell metabolism in a distinct and potentially complementary way.  (Hanahan and Weinberg, 2000Hanahan and Weinberg 2011Bergers and Fendt, 2021).