The Nutrition and Supplement Guidance You've Been Waiting for
from Experienced Oncologists


COC Plus

COC Plus is a Physician Led Program Centered on Nutrition and Other Health Interventions to Help You Address Your Cancer

Many patients using the COC Protocol have been asking for guidance around nutrition, supplements, and other strategies. We’ve heard you and we’re thrilled to announce our new COC Plus program.

Why is it Important to Have Physician Guidance Around Supplements and Nutrition?

Certain supplements can be harmful to your health. Some diets are not appropriate for specific cancers and tumor types and can lead to adverse health outcomes. That’s why we’ve launched COC Plus to provide patients with physician led, evidence-based guidance.

Delivered by oncologists you know and trust, COC Plus addresses nutrition, supplements and other health interventions which may impact key blood biomarkers shown to influence cancer prognosis. 

Our COC Plus Program Includes:

  • A lab order for blood tests* to  assess your metabolic and inflammatory status that will guide interventions and recommendations.
  • A comprehensive physician consultation with an experienced oncologist to map your interventional strategy.
  • And a Road Map to address any health issues with nutrition, supplements and other strategies to improve health outcomes.

Like the COC protocol, this program is designed to be adjunctive to standard-of-care treatments, not replace them.

*Please note, the cost of your lab tests is separate from your consultation with the physician, and will be billed separately by the laboratory. Your out-of-pocket costs for lab tests will vary based on your insurance coverage co-pay and deductible, and network status.