Validating the Outcomes of the COC Protocol

Validation Institute LogoWe brought Care Oncology to the United States almost four years ago. Since then, and because of COVID-19 now, the value offered by drug repurposing has captivated the public’s attention, as highlighted by this recent article in the New York Times.  As one of the first companies to offer a combination of repurposed drugs as an adjuvant cancer therapy, we promised to do two things: Maintain a consistent formulation that is able to be safely administrated, and second, maintain a consistent formulation so the outcome can be measured and validated. Unlike some clinics that offer repurposed drugs for cancer, at Care Oncology we have embarked on wide-ranging, real-world clinical trial so patients and oncologists can see our outcomes for themselves. Last year, we published our first outcome data on glioblastoma.

No one disputes the fact that health care in the United States is in a state of crisis. We spend far more than any other industrialized nation on healthcare (20% of GDP versus 11% of GDP) and get less. However, we remain optimistic that this is changing. The market place is responding to the crisis. Innovative, value-based companies are being created like never before. Companies that offer proven value for the money paid.

Moreover, recognizing the need for responsible third-party validation of these newly formed health care companies has become critically important. The Validation Institute has become the trusted name to lead this critical mission. Their mission is to thoroughly vet health care companies so the general public and payers know if they offer recognized and proven value for their patients or not.

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce that we have passed the Validation Institute’s extremely rigorous validation process of data analysis, outcome claims, and value calculation. We have worked hard to get to this point. Early on, we recognized the tremendous value a responsibly delivered program of repurposed drugs offered to cancer patients, yet, it was not being offered at scale. Four years ago, we set out to change this knowing it was a marathon, not a sprint.

Today is a milestone. Tomorrow, we have even bigger aspirations. We have a clarity of mission like never before, and an unbridled energy to keep changing oncology for the better.

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