Mebendazole or Fenbendazole

Many prospective and existing patients ask us about Fenbendazole, which is in the same family of drugs (the Benzimidazoles) as Mebendazole. While there is some interesting preliminary anticancer data associated with Fenbendazole, the drug is not licensed for use in humans. Therefore, long term safety consequences are not yet known, and we have already seen numerous reports of significant liver function abnormalities in patients taking Fenbendazole. There is also a barrier to further developing the evidence base in cancer as human clinical studies cannot be undertaken.

At COC, our team has carefully reviewed all the Benzimidazoles. We have selected Mebendazole in the COC protocol because it: 1. has a human license 2. is already demonstrated as safe in humans 3. is already demonstrated as safe in humans with cancer 4. has the right anticancer mechanisms of action 5. has a significant amount of clinical data in cancer 6. has cancer data that is covered by the existing dosage schedule 7. can be prescribed and monitored by clinicians 8. has the largest amount of scientific and medical data on its use in cancer.

The other Benzimidazole drugs may have utility in cancer, but it is only Mebendazole that satisfies all our criteria for safety and efficacy data and history of use.

We also use Mebendazole Polymorph C, which has been shown to have the best absorption.

The COC Protocol:

Diagram of cell breaking down each part's capabilities