I am an active, 48 year old mother and wife, and I am not ready to leave my family and friends. – Glioblastoma Diagnosis

After my devastating diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer, I was told that the standard of care treatment would give me a 3% survival rate with a possibility of living for 12-15 months.

I am an active, 48 year old mother and wife, and I am not ready to leave my family and friends. I needed to find some alternative treatments because the standard medical ones were insufficient.

In my frantic and non-stop research, I repeatedly found and read about Care Oncology’s research and findings. Not until a friend in London, who happens to be in the medical field, advised me to do so, did I visit Care Oncology’s website and delve further into COC’s protocol. I was intrigued by their evidence-based approach. As I researched further, I found that the COC’s treatment was having success and garnering accolades from the research and medical community. I wanted to be part of their protocol.

I quickly learned that the Care Oncology Clinic opened an office in the USA. Without hesitation, I scheduled an appointment and flew to South Dakota where their clinic is located. I met with Dr. Larson, an established physician who has a deep understanding of how repurposing drugs may both treat and prevent cancer, and Travis Christofferson, who is on the forefront of alternative treatments to cancer, specifically, the metabolic approach and the repurposing of drug protocols. Both Travis and Dr. Larson have been my sage guides through this process : checking-in on a regular basis, offering suggestions and monitoring my labs. I’m 100% confident that my care is in competent hands.

I feel that COC’s protocol is a no-brainer for my treatment. To fight my cancer, COC prescribes existing, low cost and well tolerated drugs which are repurposed and prescribed using innovative research findings. After a “getting used to” period, I quickly adjusted to the minimal side effects of a couple of the drugs. I have been on COC’s protocol for 7 months, and I am happy to report that my MRI Scans show no sign of a recurrent tumor.

With Care Oncology Clinic’s protocol as a line of defense against the recurrence of my cancer, I am hopeful for my future.

Thank you Travis and Dr. Larson,

-Kara W.

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