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Glioblastoma Testimonial – After 12 Months “no evidence of recurrence” – COC Protocol

On June 6th 2017 K.W. knew something wasn’t right. Lightheadedness led to dizziness which then led to a frightening seizure. A few hours later, at the emergency room, an MRI revealed a mass in the right side of her brain. Surgery was scheduled for the next day.

The surgery went well, but the pathology report was dismal. She learned that she had the most aggressive form of brain cancer: glioblastoma multiforme grade 4.
“I was told the standard of care treatment would give me a 3% survival rate with a possibility of living for 12-15 months. I am an active, 48-year-old mother and wife, and I am not ready to leave my family and friends. I needed to find some alternative treatment because the standard medical ones were insufficient.”

Like so many, her grim diagnosis led K.W. and her friends and family to a frantic internet search for more options.

“I repeatedly found and read about Care Oncology’s research and findings. Not until a friend in London, who happens to be in the medical field, advised me to do so, did I visit Care Oncology’s website and delve further into COC’s Protocol. I was intrigued by their evidence-based approach. As I researched further, I found that the COC treatment was having success and garnering accolades from the research and medical community. I wanted to be part of their protocol.”

COC Cancer Treatment Protocol GlioblastomaAt the end of September K.W. contacted Care Oncology and consulted with Dr. Rodney Larson. She began the COC Protocol immediately after that. Her research also led her to a ketogenic diet, which she implemented under the direction of nutrition specialists, including ketogenic cancer expert Miriam Kalamian at Dietary Therapies. K.W. continues to consult with Miriam monthly to further refine the diet plan.

Her quality of life has continued to improve since the initial surgery and radiation, reporting she feels stronger and stronger as the months pass. Last winter she was able to resume teaching ski lessons and playing hockey on her local team. Her latest MRI scan, performed on May 29th, shows no evidence of recurrence. One-year post diagnosis and she remains disease free!

K.W. and her family recently enjoyed a biking trip through Germany. (see pictures) Below is the email I received when she realized that we were both in Germany at the same time.


No way! That’s so funny that we were in Germany at same time! We did a Berlin, Munich, Prague back to Berlin loop. It was a blast! I’m sure you and your family enjoyed your trip, too. It’s such beautiful country where you were. I struggled with going the Rhine route instead of our city tour. Next time!

I speak for Dr. Larson, Miriam Kalamian, and myself, when I say her positive attitude and indominable spirit is palpable and deeply moving. K.W. responded to her diagnosis with intelligence and grace, and is defying the odds. She is an inspiration for all of us on her team.

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