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Welcome to CareOncology and the NEW multi-dose packaging option! We are excited to introduce this new concept for you, our patient, in an effort to make your entire medication experience better.

The CareOncology Team is here to support you with each and every part of the process.

Our Team of Physicians provide a unique balance of understanding all current standard of care treatments and how best to safely and effectively integrate the COC Protocol Medications.

Our Team of Nurses provides coaching, counseling and wellness services for individuals impacted by cancer, including those with a diagnosis and caregivers, incorporating an integrative, whole person approach.

As a Care Oncology patient, you are provided ongoing access to our Nurse Team by email, phone and secure video services.

In this box, is a 30-day supply of YOUR customized COC Protocol medication packs. Based on the criteria and clinical information, the COC physicians have recommended certain medications and strengths specific to you and your needs. Please review the back side of this card for detailed information about the medications.


Do you have questions? You can reach out to your case management team at any time by calling 800-392-1353 or emailing us at

We can help answer any questions you may have to make your medication experience safer and more convenient.