A note from our Medical Director, Dr. Charles Meakin, Regarding the COVID-19 Virus

Amid the growing uncertainty related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, Care Oncology would like to assure you that we are here for you during this challenging time.

All cancer patients, including our existing Care Oncology patients, may be concerned about best practices during this unprecedented time. For some patients, the risks associated with exposure to the virus and even moderate immune dysfunction may possibly present a more significant threat than a delay to your standard cancer therapy. You and your oncologist will need to decide if you can continue to receive your treatment given the strain that hospitals are under with treating people with the Coronavirus, or whether you should suspend your standard treatment for a while. Every individual situation is different, and these are personal decisions unique to your cancer aggressiveness, the local viral risk, available treatment resources, and you and your family’s wishes.

We are writing to confirm to you that the Care Oncology protocol should not cause immunosuppression nor should it change your risk to the COVID 19 virus. The Care Oncology protocol down-regulates the cancer cell metabolism (or starve the cancer cells) and may be beneficial to you during this time while you wait for your standard of care to start or to resume. The protocol should not impact your ability to fight off typical infections or this COVID 19 virus and may be helpful.

Through our online telemedicine platform, new or existing patients are evaluated via video conferencing without the need to travel to our clinics and to be exposed to the risks from the virus. Our medications are sent to your home in 2-4 days after the oncology consult to start therapy immediately. Our oncology nurses are on standby to promptly answer your questions, online or by telephone, for all our patients.

If you do become sick from the virus, and you find that you cannot take the Care Oncology medications, it is fine to stop them until you feel well enough to begin taking them again.

Throughout the world, every day, we are witnessing human kindness at its very best as people pull together and make sacrifices for the good of everyone else. At Care Oncology we recognize the unique challenges of today’s environment and have a team of Oncology doctors and nurses ready to serve your needs with coverage throughout the United States and most of Canada.

Charles Meakin MD, MHA,
Care Oncology Chief Medical Officer